Which is Better For Selling Clothes – Poshmark Or eBay?

Choosing the best selling platform for your merchandise is an important decision. Several factors come into play, including ease of use, fees, and customer service.

Poshmark is great for those who are selling only clothing and accessories and like a simplified shipping process. It also allows sellers to bundle items for buyers, which can entice customers.

Ease of use

Poshmark is a relatively new online marketplace that allows people to sell clothing, shoes and accessories for cash. The app makes it easy to upload pictures and describe the items, and the whole process only takes a few minutes. In addition, the platform has an active community and promotes social interaction between users. This makes the platform unique among its competitors. Sellers can also join virtual parties and book mentorship sessions to improve their business.

In contrast, eBay has a more complicated listing process and requires more detailed information. For example, when listing a pair of shoes, sellers must provide the brand, model, style, MPN, size, heel height, and more. This information is used to help buyers find what they’re looking for. In addition, eBay offers phone customer support, which is a huge benefit for sellers who need to quickly resolve a problem.

Both Poshmark and eBay offer a wide variety of merchandise, but they differ in how they handle returns and refunds. Poshmark’s return policy is more flexible than eBay’s, as buyers can file a claim within three days of receiving an item that doesn’t match the description. However, if the buyer doesn’t report the issue in time, the seller will receive the final value fee. If the item is unsellable, eBay’s money back guarantee covers a wider range of products, but the seller will have to pay insertion fees and listing fees.


Poshmark offers a simple selling process, allowing users to upload and share items with the click of a button. In addition, the platform offers fast payment. Poshmark also allows buyers to authenticate purchases, giving them confidence in the products they purchase. However, if a buyer fails to pay for an item, the seller must contact them and encourage them to make the payment. In some cases, a seller may have to open a case against the buyer, which can be time-consuming.

Poshmark has a smaller user base than eBay, but it caters to millennials who are interested in fashion and accessories. It has a community of users that offer support and advice to other sellers. This makes it a great option for newcomers to resale shopping.

Another advantage of Poshmark is its simplified shipping process. Unlike eBay, which has different rates for shipping, Poshmark charges a flat rate of $7.45 for items under 5lbs. This can reduce the amount of money that a seller needs to earn, which can be a good thing for beginner sellers.

Poshmark’s fees are more affordable than eBay’s, but the latter’s fees can eat into your profits. Whether you want to sell a few items or your entire closet, Poshmark has a fee structure that works for everyone. If your items’ final sale price is $15 or less, Poshmark will charge a flat selling fee of $2.95. If they’re more expensive, Poshmark will take a 20% commission.


If you’re selling clothes on either Poshmark or eBay, you need to understand the fees associated with each platform. Both have a seller’s fee policy that can make or break your profits. Poshmark has a simple fee structure, which charges sellers for sales under $15 with a flat fee of $2.95 and items sold over that amount with a 20% commission. eBay has a more complicated fee structure that depends on the type of item being sold and how it’s being offered (auction or buy it now).

Poshmark also offers a variety of seller protections to protect buyers from scams. For example, if a buyer receives an item that is damaged or doesn’t match the description in the listing, they can file a claim with Poshmark. The company will investigate the case and facilitate a return to the buyer.

Mercari has recently increased its shipping costs, which may put off potential buyers and reduce your profit margins. It’s also not immune to buyer return scams, which can damage your reputation as a seller.

While Mercari has a lot of the features of Poshmark, it feels like a less polished version of the site. Its lack of refinement could be a drawback for users who are looking to sell a wide range of clothing, especially if they’re trying to run a successful business or side hustle.

Customer service

Poshmark is a social marketplace with a small community of users who are specifically looking for used clothing. The site has a unique selling feature that allows sellers to bundle items and save buyers money on shipping. It also has a strong presence in the digital marketplace and is popular among millennials and Gen X shoppers.

eBay is a much larger marketplace with many features that sellers can use to promote their products and connect with buyers. It has a more diverse user base than Poshmark, and its fees can be higher. It is important to consider these differences when deciding which platform to choose.

In addition to its fee structure, eBay requires sellers to provide more information about their products. For example, it requires the original MSRP of the item and lets sellers add up to 16 photos of the product. It is a good idea to include multiple high-quality photos to show off the details of your items.

Another difference between Poshmark and eBay is that Poshmark offers no returns or refunds, so you should make sure you’re comfortable with this before signing up. In contrast, eBay’s policies allow buyers to return items within 180 days of purchase. This is a benefit for buyers who are concerned about the quality of their purchases or want to test out different products before making a final decision.

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