Choosing Passage and Privacy Door Knobs

Getting home safety and security right means that door knobs also deserve special consideration when you’re ordering or replacing door hardware.

Just like in the above case, privacy door hardware ensures thaat you can open your lock from the inside with a key or similar signifier that’s thin and small such as the end of a hanger. For bedrooms, bathrooms or any room where privacy is important, this is an lock type to consider installing.

Passage Door Knobs

Passage door knobs are not lockable and are installed in interior doors that do not require a locked door, for instance, living rooms, offices, or closets. Passage door knobs are also installed on children’s bedrooms for parents to manage their children without unlocking the door in an emergency or accident.

The lock sets in privacy function handle sets, as their name suggests, lock and unlock from the outside. This might make them a better fit for bathrooms, bedrooms or a home office. They can also be opened from the outside in an emergency if you stick something narrow (you guessed it, like the end of a paperclip) in the pin hole on the exterior rosette.

Straighten out the hook of a plastic clothes hanger with a hammer to flatten it to a width like that of a standard screwdriver. Then just put the tip of the flattened hanger into the central hole behind the knob, and turn to open it. Or buy one of these replacements on the internet or the hardware store.

Dummy Door Knobs

If you are shopping for knobs and lever handles for a variety of applications — entry sets, passage sets, privacy sets,sidelight appli­cation, and so on — it is important to know the differences between the available functions to ensure that you will have the most suitable multipurpose hardware at your disposal and to be able to aesthetically match your architectural style and interior decor.

Privacy function handle sets give the person in the room inside control of the lock with a button you push in and out and that you can disengage from the outside by inserting a narrow object (a paperclip, for instance) into an emergency release hole in the outside rosette. This is the kind of lock you typically find on bedroom and bathroom doors and you can tell it is providing privacy from inside – but not a security breach.

Passage door knobs do not function as a locking door handle and are typically used on closet doors and other applications that do not require locking functionality. Non-locking door knobs are available in many styles, finishes and designs to match any décor or architectural style. For a luxury storage application, a storeroom door knob can be specified with UL 3-hour fire rating and is lockable from the inside with the key.

Keyed Entry Door Knobs

Door hardware plays a security role as much as it does a locking and semi‑ornamental one, so it’s better to buy function and then explain it to a salesperson than to try to find it in inventory. House interior hardware comes in passage, privacy and dummy functions, while entry and deadbolt sets are available with keyed entry and single‑cylinder lock.

Perfect for bedrooms or in the bathroom, security door knobs offer privacy as they lock only from the inside through a key or with a turn button; meanwhile, exterior locking solutions such as deadbolts or locksets add more security through anti-pry shields and anti-drill plates.

Perfect for home offices or anywhere else you want a keyed entry door knob, these doors Knobs allow you to exit quickly in an emergency without needing to search pockets or a key chain, plus they come in a range of exterior handle and knob finishes, so you can get the look you want while also complimenting any architectural style. Some also have an interior emergency exit feature for added security.

Non-Turning Door Knobs

of functions to suit the door’s security, convenience and beauty,? notes the brochure; ?of styles and finishes to blend with a wide range of decors, from modern to traditional to period property.?

The knobs on a privacy function handle set control the door lock on the inside only – with a button you push or a small knob you turn sideways. These lock control knobs are usually found on interior doors that need locking for privacy, such as bedroom and bathroom doors.

In addition, they can be keyed, thus adding a safety feature that the inside lock can be disengaged in an emergency, by inserting a thin, generic or paperclip-type object in the back plate exterior door frame rosette emergency release pin hole, freeing what would otherwise prevent a child from locking himself into a bathroom or bedroom.

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