Gharchola and Bandhani Sarees – The perfect choice for an Indian Wedding

You have spent your whole life looking forward to the day of your big event, and today is finally here. The issue is that you do not know what to put on! Stunning saris and lehengas are ubiquitous at Indian weddings, but if you’re unsure how to choose the ideal one, where should you start looking? Don’t be concerned! We can assist you with that! We are Khatri Jamnadas Bechardas, experts in gharchola and bandhani sarees. These are traditional Indian bridal sarees, and although they look extremely lovely, they won’t break your bank.

What Is The Gharchola Saree?

Gharchola sarees are a kind of saree traditionally worn in the Indian state of Gujarat. Cotton is the most common material used in their construction, and a border of hand embroidery accompanies it in most cases. Gharchola sarees are available in various designs, but they consistently have two colors—one at the top and one at the bottom of the garment. It is a common superstition that donning a gharchola saree would bring prosperity to the wearer’s family.

What Is The Bandhani Saree?

Bandhani sarees are a stunning way to add flair and color to your big day and are perfect for weddings. It is customary for the bride to wear a gharchola, although, in modern times, it is not unusual for brides to wear either one of these types or both.

To begin, what exactly is a gharchola? Another name for it is a tant-chor, which translates to “three quarters.” Gharcholas are typically reserved for married ladies. However, unmarried females may get one as part of their dowry and wear it after marriage. Silk was originally used in their construction, although modern versions may be created from almost any material. Many women in India put on the traditional dress known as a gharchola for important events like weddings, festivals, and other festivities.

What Makes Them Special For An Indian Wedding?

You may wonder what it is about a gharchola saree or a bandhani saree that makes them the ideal option for a wedding. These are classic options, and in addition to that, they provide a very high level of wearable comfort. They are offered in a wide range of hues and patterns, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your taste. Both gharchola and bandhani sarees are available in various lengths, allowing you to choose the most flattering for your particular physique. It is well known that these saris are lightweight, which will help you remain comfortable and cool while wearing them throughout the warmer months. Due to the long-standing belief that wearing a saree at a wedding would bring the wearer happiness and prosperity, this particular saree is often worn during weddings.

Where To Buy The Gharchola And Bandhani Sarees From?

You should purchase your Indian Wedding Saree and Gharchola sarees at Khatri Jamnadas Bechardas. They have a large selection of these things at their retail establishment. You may acquire a gharchola saree for various rates based on the elements you want to include in your gharchola, the kind of cloth it is made from, the design, and so on. Make sure you look at all of their items since the quality of their other goods is just as high as that of their gharchola and bandhani sarees. This is important because it will help you choose which item to purchase for yourself or as a present for someone else.

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