The Scope of Educational Technology

The scope of educational technology encompasses a wide range of topics, including the construction of curriculum, the use of audio-visual materials, and the assessment of student learning. The scope of educational technology is also broad enough to include a wide variety of methods, such as the use of video games. In addition to the use of video games, educational technology can also include the use of non-human resources, such as teaching methods, materials, and machines.

Some of the most prominent educational technologies include the Internet, learning management systems, email, and web 2.0 social networking. For example, in a medical school, educational technology is used to provide training to medical students through video courses and teleconferencing. Video discs and mini computers serve as a valuable resource for medical students who cannot travel to school or to attend classes. Virtual operating rooms and research skills are essential skills for professional training. Students may also benefit from online education when they have health issues.

Another type of educational technology is management. This area of study focuses on how to manage teaching-learning processes and provide information that can support decision-making. This field also provides information systems and organizational theories for man-machine systems. By incorporating management technology into educational settings, it increases the effectiveness and efficiency of educational systems. This branch of study has three distinct phases: planning, implementation, and evaluation. The planning stage begins with the preparation of teaching materials by teachers, and ends with assessing students’ learning outcomes.

To determine the effectiveness of educational technology, meta-analysis is a statistical method for reviewing results of independent studies. It uses statistical summaries to evaluate effectiveness. In addition to identifying the most effective educational technology programs, meta-analysis also considers the effectiveness of different instructional methods. When the scope of educational technology is broad, it can help educators implement new methods in the classroom. One such application of meta-analysis is in the field of English language teaching.

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